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ADA CEO protest remarks...Senate Judiciary Hearings 6/16/2020

All Dunn Advertising CEO and Famed Pianist/Arranger (McDonald’s, O'Jays) Dunn Pearson was mentioned in Senator Blumenthal (CT) remarks on Police Reform during the Senate Judiciary Hearings on Tuesday 6/16/2020. The chilling emotional remarks were part of testimony leading to the GOP legislation released the following day. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham stating that he has never been stopped by police provided a stark contrast to Pearson’s remarks that his lifetime goal is “to meet a Black man that has not had any negative encounter with police”.

Musician Dunn Pearson who participated in the New Haven Protest Prayer & Peace march 6/14/2020, performed stirring renditions of the O'Jays "Love (God's) Train"; uplifting "Every Praise" and the classic "Amazing Grace".

Photos courtesy of New Haven Register

Dunn further revealed, “Unfortunately I don’t know a Black Man who is not in some way George Floyd”.

New Haven CT Green Park is located adjacent to the Yale University Campus.

Further career highlights: New York Undercover TV Theme, Amen Corner Broadway, Oprah Winfrey movie Native Son, D'Angelo, Mary J Blige, McDonalds, Wendy's (Super Bowl ad)

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