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Music Booking Help Center

What You’ve Been Asking

Can I see a band play before booking them?

In most cases the answer is absolutely. However due the pandemic, video and online presentations are available. We shall insure that you receive all photos and promo materials available before your event

Can I book a Whispers Tribute Band and have other music included by other artist

Yes. Before booking you can provide a song list and we will do our best to include the songs during the show. If your songs are say 50% Whispers and 50% other artist, then you might consider booking our 80s Tribute Band Show featuring sounds of the Whispers

Can we have a band playing in the background during a reception?

YES. We will instruct the band to play according to your wishes. We take pride in pleasing our clients

What events can you provide musicians for?

The better question is what events can we not provide musicians for. (LOL) There is no event we can't provide musicians. PAW Entertainment has connections with musicians in all 50 states and some international as well.

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