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A.S.I.A.M. (Autism Amputee Spinal Injury Awareness Movement) Partners with GHAB and Hollis Media Gro

A.S.I.A.M. Autism Amputee Spinal Injury Awareness Movement expands its partnerships. The diverse program gives life to deserving children who otherwise would be confined and underdeveloped because of their disabilities, but through A.S.I.A.M., so many have hope and given the opportunity to see the world.

Our programs are driven by the efforts of corporations, organizations, and leaders in communities across the country.

  • Amputee Basketball

  • Wheelchair Basketball

  • Able Body ages 5-17BB

  • AAU​

  • Autistic Basketball

  • Prosthetic Programs

  • Communication Research (Autism)

  • Community Outreach Programs

  • Rehabilitation Program And much more...

ASIAM, GHAB, Dunn Pearson, Janice Hollis,, Hollis Media Group,

Because of this amazing sports program so many found new meaning and regained confidence to live fully engaged. We thank you and open the door for others to join the MOVEMENT!

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