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Things to know this week

Dunn Pearson Jewell Strother

Out of all the people in the world, you and I were chosen to BE! To be inspiring, to be an example, and to be the ANSWER.

As with all choices, it is simply just that. A choice as to whether or not we answer the higher calling to be chosen. Although, you can change the landscape of your life by simply choosing to engage and make a

difference in the world, starting with yourself to manifest your divine magnificence. And as you nurture your soul and lavish acceptance and appreciation because you are divinely deserving, this bliss will increase self awareness. Then share a little of this "perfect happiness" with those whom you engage; be their blueprint for a brighter tomorrow as my mother was for me.She inspired me to be:

Be the answer

Be the inspiration in the midst of discouragement

Be the comfort for those who are struggling and need a shoulder to lean on; and


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